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Application, yo!


ze usual

[name: Dubbed Samantha Marie..but since my name makes me go "errk!" I'm usually called Sami or the odd, but quite odd Sticky Mess.
17 years old as of Oct. 15. Woo!!
[where are you?
In my computer chair that I spin around in! Other than that, I'm in a place called Girard. It's in Ohio. Has anyone heard of either of those? I wouldn't be suprised.
[are you spiffy like woah?
Hells yea! Or atleast I thinks I am.
Cuz I'm the Stickster. And I'm alway there to make a bad situation..even worse. ..Ok, lemme try again..Because I make a fun time spiff-tastic!!!
[top 5 bands. no more, no less.
Something Corporate. Taking Back Sunday. The Used. Brand New. Story of the Year.
[pick a song lyric, any song lyric. make me go ooh. or ahh.:
this changes much..but right now.."and u were quiet, this routine riot is all but practical to me.." i duno why. but everytime i hear it i gotta sing along.
[tell me a little bit about your self. (note: failure to fill out this part will result in automatic NO, because i wanna know who you are.)
A bit about Sami? Aha. Well, my nickname as I said already, is Sticky.  This is due to a not so long but weird story. I was born in October, also as I said above. I love music. I *heart* penguins and cows. The whole black and white think gets to me.  I waste hours online. I don't like pizza sauce and I have so pretty awesome friends..I hope that's good.

word association- c'mon, think!
black cat.
charlie brown.
floor wax.
[nail polish remover:
green nail polish.

opinions. yes, I want to know your point of view.
[the color pink:
is one of my favorite color, apparently. i don't think that it should be viewed as a sterotype of being a "girly" color. I know plenty of men who wear it and are not girly even a tad. i think it's pretty color.
is a horrible thing. a situation i wouldn't wish upon my closest enemy. a thing like rape could mess a person and the way they think and who they trust dramatically.
my veiws sway from one side to another on this subject. at first glance, i'd say i'm completely, 100% against it! But, due to some other consequences/ problems that come with it i'll have to say depending on the story, i'll go with my opinion with this. if it's something like rape, then i'll say i'm for. if it's because someone got drunk and slept with the first person she met never to see him again, i'll have to say against.
i would like to visit it one day. i wanna travel alot when i'm older. Ahh, Italy would be fun. Then I could use some of my new language skills.
[the goverment (note: do not say "george bush sucks". I KNOW THAT ALREADY.):
I don't pay much attention to goverment and the lot. I know that's a horrible thing to say, not readin' up on recent events and so on, but I just don't. As little as I do know, I'll develope my opinion and say it's corrupt. I think that it's all a big ploy. Like reality TV. We just don't know it's a show.
[pick a random topic, tell me where you stand:
Uniforms in school shouldn't be allowed. It could block out creativity. What if Einstein was told to think a certain way?

random stuff, 'cause I wanna know.
[sexual orientation:
I like the mans.
[single? taken?
Sadly, single. But, I'm working on changin' that. 
[best friends. names.
Jen. Michele. Jake.
[pick one friend. describe them:
Jen. aka Joe. She's weird, crazy, and predictably unpredictably. If that made sense. She has a crazy sense of style and looks at the world in a different light. Musch like I. That's why she's my bestest.

[do you like tsunami bomb?
i've only heard one song. 20 Going On... and I like it. I also like the fact that the singer is a girl.
[are you happy with the way you look?
On some days...
[if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
My teeth. Bother me.
[3 favorite things about yourself, and why:
I don't like answering these things. I feel shallow for some reason. Haha.  But ta, my eyes, my hair and my height.
[who is your savior?!?
cheese and keylime pie.
[anything else i should know?
I've never been to Navada.

[make me laugh. i don't care how, just do it. picture, quote, song, word, joke, whatever. if i dont laugh, you should probably be worried.

[lets see your spiffy pictures. i don't care how many, just make sure its actually you. no porn!

Me bein' spiffy..

Me bein' odd..

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