apriiiiil (opalescent) wrote in spiffy_duh,

Zzzze usual
[name: April
[age: eighteen
[where are you? canada
[are you spiffy like woah? i try *hairflip*
[why? becuase my mom leaves candy in my pockets
[reccomend some movies, yo: girl interrupted, igby goes down, pretty in pink, ferris beullers day off
[top 5 bands. no more, no less: HIM, The Cure, The Smiths, CKY, Turbo Nergro
[pick a song lyric, any song lyric. make me go ooh. or ahh.: "we are so young, our lives have just begun, and already we're considering escape from this world"
[tell me a little bit about your self. (note: failure to fill out this part will result in automatic NO, because i wanna know who you are.) I stare into space like a dead china doll. I love stars, Ville Valo, and the lump in your throat right before you cry. J'adore downpours, watching music videos at 4am and actual worn in jeans (not the pre-worn in kind you buy, because that's silly). I write, play the acoustic guitar and enjoy kissing girls. Sometimes when im alone.. i talk to myself *shifty eyes*, and i like playing in graveyards becuase theres nobody there to talk to me.

word association- c'mon, think!
[light: coolwhip
[crayon: orange
[dynamite: lipgloss
[slinky: ace ventura
[pumpkin: nightmare
[spiffy: nifty
[nail polish remover: gas
[destroy: meat
[create: paint

opinions. yes, I want to know your point of view.
[the color pink: I like it. I find it goes better with black, and is a hotpink. It's the sex.
[rape: I fear this. I was raped once, a year and a half ago and I havnt been able to trust boys since. My heart goes out to anyone having to go through this.
[abortion: I am Pro-Choice. I myself would not get one, but i think everyone has the right to make up their own minds.
[europe: Love it! I wish I lived there. *swoons*

random stuff, 'cause I wanna know.
[sexual orientation: Vagina
[single? taken? taken.
[best friends. names. Mitchell and Amoo.
[pick one friend. describe them: Mitchell- He's the best person in the world. He's the sexy kind of boy you wanna just do. Tall, lanky, gothic and skinny as ol fuck. Black Makeup.. pink makeup, dresses, fishnets. *glomps* He's beautiful in every way.
[do you like tsunami bomb? Yes, yes I do.
[if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? the fat on ym tummy. I know, it seems shallow, but im very insicure about my weight. I have love handles and i hate it.
[3 favorite things about your personality..why? my ability to make people smile when they are down. my witty jokes. my sarcasm. (i rule)
[3 things appearance-wise that you like: my eyes. my lips. my hair.
[who is your savior?!? Ville Valo. *bows down*
[anything else i should know? ..i love it when you call me big poppa?

[make me laugh. i don't care how, just do it. picture, quote, song, word, joke, whatever. if i dont laugh, you should probably be worried.
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

[lets see your spiffy pictures. i don't care how many, just make sure its actually you. no porn!

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