Malice In Wonderland. (st4rupinthesky) wrote in spiffy_duh,
Malice In Wonderland.

ze usual
[where are you?Massachusetts
[are you spiffy like woah?Hella yes.
[why?Because i scream spiffy like woah!
[top 5 bands. no more, no less.A static lullaby, my chemical romance, matchbook romance, hawthorne heights, jack off jill
[pick a song lyric, any song lyric. make me go ooh. or ahh.:Lets play a game..ill roll the dice, and thats how many times i get to take a slice at you..
[tell me a little bit about your self. (note: failure to fill out this part will result in automatic NO, because i wanna know who you are.) a person. Well at least i was lastime i checked. I live for music and snowboarding,,they have to be the two most greatest things on the earth, im an outcast. i do not like large crouds and i do my own things. i like peotry long walks on the beach and poking dead things with sticks. I dislike feet and when people have really uber dry hands and they rub them to gether...ugh it has to be the most annoying thing in the no more. no less.
word association- c'mon, think!
[light:BRIGHT! man oh man how i love that.
[dynamite:Blowing stuff up
[slinky:The slinky theme song~
[pumpkin:My old halloween costume

[spiffy:This comm.
[nail polish remover:Spilling it all over.
[destroy:A posessed little stuffed anamil that was once on a show.

opinions. yes, I want to know your point of view.
[the color pink:Too trendy. and over rated.
[rape:Horriable....if you cant get sex ...why do that to somebody?? i dont understand.
[abortion:Only if its nessacary if you were raped or too young to have a baby.
[europe:Never been there.
[the goverment (note: do not say "george bush sucks". I KNOW THAT ALREADY.):I dont pay attention to that stuff.
[pick a random topic, tell me where you stand:Those plastic things that soda cans come in:::: When you throw them away PLEASE OH PLEASE cut them are saving a dolphin when you do!

random stuff, 'cause I wanna know.
[sexual orientation:huh?
[single? taken?Single
[best friends. names.Kacie. no less
[pick one friend. describe them:Kacie, she is rad, shes the funniest person i have EVER meet.
[do you like tsunami bomb?never heard their music because my downloader died
[are you happy with the way you look?Nope.
[if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?Everything..too much.
[3 favorite things about yourself, and why: I am a person:: who couldnt tell?? ::I dont like people;: cant trust them. ::i dotn know..i am me.

[who is your savior?!?cheese and keylime pieBR>[anything else i should know?
I think i covered it all..
[make me laugh. i don't care how, just do it. picture, quote, song, word, joke, whatever. if i dont laugh, you should probably be worried. blah..thats not even funny...oh well

[lets see your spiffy pictures. i don't care how many, just make sure its actually you. no porn!

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