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you can't handle the truth

get over it.

spiffy much?
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All Members , Moderated

spiffy like WOAH
think you're spiffy like woah? we'll be the judge of that.

don't get it?
ok, i'll tell you then. this is for those of you who know that your spiffy, duh. we're not mean, but we can be. we don't really care if you've been accepted to every "hawtCORE 1337" communities there are out there, if we don't like you, you're not in. we also don't care if you've been rejected by every single community you've applied to; if we like you, you're in.

rules, duh!
x. MOD is only one letter away from GOD. we have the final say. deal with it.
x. be nice. at least, as nice as possible. don't chew someone's head off because you don't like their opinions- you don't need to agree, just respect.
x. when you apply, please don't post on anything other than your application. and if someone makes you mad, sorry please leave kthx.
x. be spiffy. duh.
x. you can promote here, but if you do it, put it behind a cut, damnit!
x. pics/large posts behind a cut PLEASE!
x. put your application behind a cut. if you don't know how, ask. find out. whatever. just don't put it up if its not behind a cut. if you post it and its not behind a cut, you will be warned. if its not fixed SOON, we'll delete it.
x. on the "who is your savior" question, please put "cheese and keylime pie", so's we know you read the rules.
x. make sure you somehow let us know its an app., whether it be in the subject or the cutline.
x. 2 mod yes's are automatic in's, at least for now/until we get more members. once accepted start voting, posting, promoting, whatever. have fun.

now that thats all spiffy and dandy, if you have any other ideas let one of the mods know. oh, and feel free to promote us :] (sucking up works wonders.)

application, yo.
note: i'll love you if you bold the questions, or make the colors on the app different. much easier to read. kthx. oh, one more thing. opinion is NOT word association, please elaborate. and for your pics make sure they are YOU and don't give me a link, give me an actual pic in the app. we're lazy, deal with it. thats all. kktata.

Zzzze usual
[where are you?
[are you spiffy like woah?
[reccomend some movies, yo:
[top 5 bands. no more, no less:
[pick a song lyric, any song lyric. make me go ooh. or ahh.:
[tell me a little bit about your self. (note: failure to fill out this part will result in automatic NO, because i wanna know who you are.)

word association- c'mon, think!
[nail polish remover:

opinions. yes, I want to know your point of view.
[the color pink:

random stuff, 'cause I wanna know.
[sexual orientation:
[single? taken?
[best friends. names.
[pick one friend. describe them:
[do you like tsunami bomb?
[if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
[3 favorite things about your personality..why?
[3 things appearance-wise that you like:
[who is your savior?!?
[anything else i should know?

[make me laugh. i don't care how, just do it. picture, quote, song, word, joke, whatever. if i dont laugh, you should probably be worried.

[lets see your spiffy pictures. i don't care how many, just make sure its actually you. no porn!

your spiffy mods.

this is teggy. shes spiffy like woah, and if she doesn't like you, you'll know.

this is megan. she likes cookies, and shes spiffy like woah, duh.

obey us x_0